Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Onto Something Besides Large, Hairy, Nasty Pests

I needed to get the photo of the nasty opossom off the top of my blog (from earlier this week), so I'm doing a little catching up in the next few posts.
Here are some random photos from yesterday. It was gloomy and raining, so we tried to keep busy indoors. Miyah got some schoolwork done while Mei Lin made a mess.
Miyah started out practicing letters in the cornmeal for school, then it turned to play and Mei Lin wanted to play in the oatmeal.

A box of goodies shows up from Nana and Bumpa and the girls quickly jump into the box of peanuts. Thanks for all the fun stuff, Nana and Bumpa!! (Yes, Miyah's wearing her bunny hat in the house...she's always "dressed" as some sort of animal - today she went to storytime at the library with a kitty mask on)

Oh, this is just to prove that we still have a son. He still lives here, but is rarely home and rarely photographed these days.

Silly, lovee girls!

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Sharon said...

Sorry I wrote a book! haha