Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New Year

Well, it's another new year! Hard to believe how quickly they come, isn't it? We have a lot to look forward to in this year to come. 2008 will bring new members to our extended family. My sister, Tracy, will be bringing home her little boy from China sometime soon. AND my sister, Tammy, will be having a baby in August! We're all so excited. Add to that the summer olympics in Beijing, and a presidential'll be an exciting year!
Here are a few pictures and events to catch up on from the beginning of 2008...

We were driving home from a friends house on New Year's Day when it began snowing! The girls were SO excited.

"If all the snow flakes were candy bars and milk shakes, oh what a snow that would be!" Mei Lin squeals and tries to catch snowflakes in her mouth. I don't think she's ever seen snow before.Elizabeth came over for a playdate this week
After Elizabeth left Mei Lin is found zonked out on the floor...I checked for breathing, then took the photo

Miyah's friend, Sadie, had her 4th birthday party last weekend

Happy Birthday, Sadie!

The kids were chefs and made pizza!

Hannah and Miyah below)

Miyah, Mei Lin, and Grace played at the bouncy place last week

Mei Lin enjoyed the bouncy place after she got used to the noise

The girls went to the skating rink yesterday
Miyah loves to skate

2 incredible comments!:

Sharon said...

Ya'll have the coolest kids activities near you!! I love the shot of her 'zonked out"! I remermber that snow song from Barney!! Do they ever watch him anymore? All I hear about is DOra. B2 lived for Barney!!

my3 kids said...

What a fun time and love the pictures.