Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playdate with Anne and Elizabeth!

These pictures are from a playdate way back in November. The photos were in NEF form and I didn't convert them until just now. Miyah and Elizabeth always have the best time together. And I love to hang out with Anne. She's one of those friends that you just kick back and feel at home with. Mei Lin loves Anne, too. We're pretty blessed to have such amazing friends. Anne and a very sleepy Mei Lin

The girls painted ornaments. Miyah, of course, chose Rudolph.

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Sharon said...

Sorry, I just have to comment on everything.!! Those are very lucky girls to get to do all that messy play. I will have to buy some plastic or something so i can get over it! lol. It is so important, that kind of play but how do you do all that clean up!?!? You are amazing. Did you ever do that shaving cream play 14 years ago? I thought I was the best mom for that and we did it outside on the patio table so all I had to do was hose it off.

PS One more thing about the last post. I like how Miyah chooses animals and does her own thing while the princess dressup is all the rage!