Monday, January 28, 2008


Does anyone know how to get a opossum out of the garage?
That's not just a hypothetical or the opening to a joke.
Our furry little marsupial friend doesn't want to leave.
We've tried many things to scare him off, but he just plays...well...'possum.

Update: I think he's out. He was probably after the dog's food we keep in the garage so we sprinkled some dog food outside on the driveway and left him alone. Apparently they go into involuntary shock when they're afraid so they don't scare-off, just freeze up.
Ew, doesn't he look like a giant rat? No, we won't be making him a pet as Terri suggested :)

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Amy said...

If he plays 'possum , maybe you could place a fishing net over him and capture him this way? I would wear work gloves to help protect my hands? Kind of scary! If I was a opossum I would not want to leave a warm garage. Maybe if you could borrow a cat or dog?

terri (daisybox) said...

funny! Can you just make it a family pet?

Chinazhoumom said...

I say go in there with pots and pans clank clank clank - if you get right up on them they will run away - we had one jump out of an empty garbage can that we THOUGHT was dead - oops !

LaLa said...

He is a BIG one too!!! Glad he is gone : )

missy said...

Eeeewwww! I hate Opossums! Stick me in a room with spiders anyday. I am glad he's gone. I hope he doesn't find his way back to your garage. Fingers crossed : )

Mommy said...

That is nasty! I really do not like unwanted guests. Hope he doesn't find another way in!

Sharon said...

I think he looks very cute but if he were in a part of my house i would want him out also!! PS You have been doing tons of posting and not letting me know!

PS My computer, or blogger or some thing is acting up today and making it difficult to comment. I will come back tomorow.