Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Little Gymnast

Miyah absolutely LOVES gymnastics. She grins from ear to ear the entire hour.
That smile on her face is priceless.
Working on the cartwheel.
Waiting her turn to walk across the beam with beanbags on her shoulders.
Donkey kicks
She says her favorite part of gymnastics is jumping in the foam pit at the beginning and end of each class. This week they walked across the big balance beams (in the background) and jumped off the end into the pit. She thought that was great, but was a little intimidated by the height. She also loves to zipline and swing into the pit.

2 incredible comments!:

Sharon said...

Hi Cindy! I will take pictures of Bailey in each dress and post them, just for you!! I can't wait to try gymnastics with her too! I hope she likes it like Miyah does. She looks like she has really got a talent for it! Miyah was the first little baby that I fell for and she is very special to me. I hope I can get such a great gotcha day tape too but then I'd have to get YOu to come star in for that! Hope you all are having a great wekend!!

LaLa said...

What a cutie!!! Annslee loves her class too : ) It is so much fun to watch them blossom! See you next Saturday : )