Monday, May 26, 2008

40-Hour Project Complete!

Every Spring semester, the students at Matt's school are required to present a 40-hour project representing something from the era studied in humanities that year. This year they studied antiquity and Matt and two friends built a trebuchet, which I guess is one of those things you see them fighting with in Lord of the Rings and Prince Caspian.
The thing was pretty huge.
To give you perspective, the orange ladder is 9 feet tall.
I'm glad I didn't know the project involved so much dangerous work....
Welding?? I didn't know they knew how to do all this. Joseph's the boy scout.
The guys worked well over 40 hours...probably twice that. They were at the school with generators running until 11:30 the night before it was due, having no idea if it would even work. They launched a cinder block or something the next day and it worked!

I'm impressed.

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Tracy said...

Wow, Matt, that is AWESOME!! It sure beats the trebuchet Brant and I made out of chopsticks and paperclips. Love, Aunt Tracy