Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nana and Bumpa

Last week Pat's parents came down for a visit.
Unfortunately, it was an extremely busy week at our house (but when aren't we busy?) and it seemed we were in and out of the house the entire time they were here.
Matt had two doctor appointments (eye doctor and knee injury), his Jr/Sr Banquet (below) which we had to find a suit for him and dress for me, and Matt was either at school, work or, working on his 40 hour project; and Megan had ballet and school, the girls had field day (rained-no pictures); Pat and I had a meeting for church, I just finished my final, Mei Lin needed to go to the emergency room at 10 PM...and on and on.
Mei Lin is okay. She woke up with her ear bleeding, but the doctor said she'd only lacerated her ear canal by scratching it way in there. Oh, and Matt locked his keys in his car with his homework inside and we had to find the spare key Miyah and Mei Lin had been playing with....NEVER a dull moment at our house.
Even though we wished we could have all stayed at home and just visited with "Nana and Bumpa," it was so helpful to have them here during our very busy week. Nancy tirelessly entertained Miyah and Mei Lin, did the laundry, hemmed Matt's pants, and helped around the house The kids loved having them here.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom/Nana!

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