Saturday, May 10, 2008

Outdoor Movie Night

Tonight we had our first outdoor movie night of the season, featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks. Neighbors and friends came over to watch, but I suspect they were also enticed by the pie and various goodies. We kicked off our small group Bible study the night before with a cookout and had tons of pie left over. Goodness knows who would eat it if we didn't have guests over SOON! And when the cleaning ladies have been here and we've cleaned the backyard we might as well take advantage of prime hosting time.

Mei Lin and Miyah were SO excited to have a "movie party" that they sat in front of the blank screen earlier in the evening. If you look at the photos above and below, Mei Lin (white shirt) is mostly distracting people instead of watching the movie.

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Chinazhoumom said...

So please tell me how you project for movie night - do you use a proxima and a laptop - this is such a GREAT idea!!! I am going to have to steal it!
my email is on my blog - wuold love to know -
Happy Mother's Day
Carol in FL