Friday, May 09, 2008


One of the many perks of having preschoolers is play dates. It's no secret that play dates are really for us moms. A couple of weeks ago we took advantage of beautiful spring weather and had two park playdates with some friends.
Miyah in her bunny ears again.

Amy and Zoe (Zoe belongs to Heather-below)

Amy's son, Matthew

Mei Lin and Heather

Zoe, Mei Lin, and Miyah
Earlier that week we hung out with Jo and Grace.
I love those lips.
Sweet Grace.
Miyah and Grace are two peas in a pod. Here they're laughing hysterically at each other. They're both bugs and Spiderman kind of girls. They spent a half hour watching and playing with ants climbing a tree at the park.

Ah, park days with friends are wonderful !

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