Monday, May 26, 2008


My very best friend, Michelle, and her daughters came from Illinois to stay for the week and we all had a wonderful time catching up and hanging out. We didn't really do a lot but take walks, watch movies, and play with the girls, but we enjoyed the company. We both had just finished several weeks of busyness and appreciated the break.

Megan, Jenna, and Jami were contented to hang around the house and play games, take pictures, watch movies, etc. It was just so good to be together for more than a weekend.

Jami celebrated a belated 13th birthday with us!

Even though we saw them one night while we were in Orlando this year, they had never met Mei Lin because she was sleeping. Mei Lin and Miyah LOVED Michelle, and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. Michelle played with the girls and read them books every day. Mei Lin would even ask Michelle to "lay with her" at bed time and would tell me I could "go now". It was very sweet.

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