Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sweet Faces on the Fridge

Would you look at my refrigerator? It's gotten full over the last few months.

All these beautiful little faces will soon belong to anxiously waiting, and very blessed parents who happen to be friends of ours. All of these gorgeous children have special needs and are coming home in the next few months or so. It makes my heart so happy to think that every one of these precious children will have wonderful homes.

I'm especially excited that my sister and brother-in-law will be traveling within the next month or so to get my little nephew, Brock. Brock (Ji Hao) will be 8 this summer. They have adorable updated photos of him. He's such a handsome little guy.

Click HERE to go to their blog (but come back, because there's more).

Our good friends, Angela and Richard, will be traveling in less than two weeks to get their beautiful little girl from Mei Lin's orphanage. We were astounded to hear that little Claire is from Kunming, is just 18 days younger than Mei Lin, and she'll be living just around the corner from us! Now if that doesn't make the world feel small! We figure Mei Lin and Claire most likely spent time together in the same baby room for a few months before going to foster care. We're so excited for them.

Cyber friends, John and Sharon are leaving in a few days to get beautiful Bailey. This coming week, you can follow their trip over HERE. I can't wait to see them with little Bailey!

Good friends, Tony and Jo are going to get a little sister for Grace. Anna has an adorable little round face and they're hoping to have her home in the next month or two.

Also, my new and amazing friends, Scott and Heather, are waiting to bring their little guy home from China. Zion is almost two years old and SO very adorable. AND, she just got video of him so you definitely need to stop over and see sweet Zion. He only has one toe on each foot, so they assumed he couldn't walk...well, the video shocked and amazed them. He's tenacious, that's for sure. Scott and Heather are fundraising for the final $11,000 to bring Zion home, so please help them if you're able. Click HERE to see Zion.

Lastly, Mei Lin's foster sister, Grace, is going to be a big sister soon. Mike and Jen are waiting to bring sweet Sophie home. She's so gorgeous! You have to go over and take a look at all the photos they've received from an American gentleman who is visiting the orphanage and helping with an organization that has provided funding for Sophie's cleft surgery. They even have footage of her in a news broadcast before getting her surgery. Click HERE to see Sophie.
God is good. Please pray with me for each family and the child they're waiting for.
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