Sunday, May 25, 2008

UGTBK = You've Got to Be Kidding

I'll never understand the need or desire for text messaging, but apparently for teenagers it's right up there with oxygen and food.
Apparently my two children (according to them) were the only humans on earth without it.
Can you imagine?
We heard all the reasons they needed messaging, not excluding the story of a kidnapped girl being rescued from her captor because of text messaging. Well, what kind of parents are we anyway to deprive our children of such an essential, lifesaving tool?

Pat made a deal with the kids that if they mowed the lawn for x number of weeks, he'd give them text messaging. Megan upheld her end of the bargain and unfortunately Matt declined because he's had a bad knee from football. Megan got her first text message from her dad announcing the exciting new feature to her phone. And the texting has begun!

Still don't understand it.

Probably never will. Isn't it just easier to dial and TALK! Same with instant messaging.
The issue definitely underscores the ever-widening generation gap. I'm just getting old.
I don't understand all the abbreviations either:
(stumped?...answers below)

(Megan earning her text messaging)

(Answers: CWYL=Chat with ya later; PROLLY=probably; ^5=high five; and my favorite SWMBO=She who must be obeyed...meaning the wife)

Please tell me I'm not the only one scratching her head on this one!

Well, SIG2R (Sorry, I got to run). TC (take care).

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