Monday, October 27, 2008

Megan's 14th Birthday Party

I never would have guessed that Megan would choose an ice skating party for her 14th birthday, but she did and I think the girls had a good time.

Meg's Party (104)

Meg's Party (78)

Meg's Party (17)

Meg's Party (74)

Meg's Party (118)

Miyah LOVED ice skating and wanted to skate all night.
Meg's Party (144)
Mei Lin...not so much. She chose to drink orange soda instead...and spill it all over her shirt. I'm not sure when this was taken because she fussed most of the night because Miyah got to skate and she didn't...even though she didn't want to skate. She has a reallly hard time doing anything without Miyah.
Meg's Party (148)

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Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Megan!!!

Gorgeous dance shots too!
Cindy, I am loving your photography!