Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Festival

Last Saturday was the annual pumpkin festival in our little historic downtown. The street was packed full of families enjoying the beautiful fall weather.

Miyah and Mei Lin, of course, wanted to wear their costumes. They'll take any chance they can to be an animal in public.

Miyah's favorite animal is a lion and Mei Lin's is a tiger or "kitty". Originally Miyah chose a skunk costume, but then Nana sent the lion (along with a few others - thanks, Nana!) for her birthday and she forgot all about being a skunk.

Yes, Miyah's birthday isn't until Wednesday, but who can resist opening presents as they come in the mail? It spreads out the celebration a little.

And yes, Mei Lin is supposed to be a "kitty," which she still says with a "t" in, "I LOVE t*tties," or in the store "Mommy, look at that t*tty!" and now at Hallow*een... "I'm a t*tty!" Mortifying!

So, here are my little wildcats. Miyah was very sure she was the most ferocious lion at the festival. Don't you think so?

Wild Cats
Girls with Daddy and the huge gourd.
pumpkin fest

Pumpkin festival 2

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