Monday, October 27, 2008


Heather called me sometime this morning and left a message that I just now received.

Heather is VERY SICK and hasn't eaten in three days. She sounded very weak and obviously is not doing well at all. She has started on the antibiotics she brought with her, but she said she would need to go to the doctor tomorrow (later today our time) if she wasn't better in the morning.

Please pray that she will be better when she wakes up and that she will NOT have to go to the doctor. Thankfully she's in Guangzhou now, so there are western trained doctors, but still not an ideal place for a doctor visit.

In case you haven't been following, Heather is in China with her 14 year old daughter, Whitney, and her husband had to come back to the states early. She said that Zion (2) is crying a lot and having a hard time adjusting to the new surroundings (hotel)...and probably to the fact that Heather is sick and not able to attend to him as he would like. Pray for Whitney as she helps her mother and her baby brother and for little Zion as he continues to adjust and grieve.
This is a really HARD situation that needs God's intervention.

Thank you. We'll keep you updated.

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