Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Day

Two days before my friend, Heather, left for China, she decided to whip up a little pumpkin unit study for a group of eight kids. Don't ask me how she does it because I don't know. But I do have several theories: God has given her more than the 24 hour day He's given me...or, She doesn't sleep...or the most likely is that she's cloned herself.

Anyway, here's a glimpse of the multitude of activities all conjured up by one of Heather's clones...

Heather prayed with the kids thanking God for the gift of pumpkins and our beautiful autumn, We also prayed for little Claire, who was having surgery that morning (and BTW, she's going in for another procedure tomorrow, so please be praying for her...I'll be going to the hospital with Angela early tomorrow morning).
The big kids made a little pumpkin book and the little ones did some shape and color activities.

Sweet Corinne
The kids had pumpkin bread and pumpkin shakes for snack! (Elizabeth)
Stefanie painted the girls nails with sparkly orange polish (Mei Lin).
The kids fingerpainted pumpkins .

Heather had a little project for us moms to do, too.

Zoe played with our toy computer all morning
"Gutting" the pumpkin to count the seeds.

Counting by tens. Elizabeth guessed closest....the pumpkin had something like 536 seeds!
Lunch - mostly orange and yellow.
Treat bags
Sweet friends.... Elizabeth and Miyah.

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Carla said...

oh WHAT fun!!!

I do believe she deserves the title of Super-Mom though. All that, BEFORE a trip to China?! *faint* I could barely put 2 sentences together before we left. "Get on plane. Go get Katie." That counts as 2 sentences together...right?!