Monday, October 27, 2008

She Can Read!

Mei Lin has known her letter sounds for several weeks now, so I had a suspicion she'd be able to read some simple words if I took the time to try with her. Well, this morning I put "HAT" on the chalkboard and she sounded each letter, then with a little help from me, she read the word!

Then she read CAT, MAT, SAT, FAT, RAT, PAT, and BAT all on her own! I have to give most of the credit to the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD that's been playing in the van. I figure if we spend hours in the van each day, we might as well use it to some advantage...she's quiet AND she's learning!
Mei Lin will be three in January, so I don't expect she'll get much farther than three letter words for a while, but it does open up new avenues for keeping her occupied during the school day. Happy Phonics, here we come!

Since we're on the subject, another great DVD I forgot to mention in my homeschool post a while back is Mathtacular by Sonlight! I would never have thought it, but my girls LOVE it! It's cheesy and low-budget, but either it's entertaining enough or they're geeky enough math lovers to want to watch it over and over...and over again. Miyah (my almost 5 year old) can count to practically infinity, counts by 2's, 5's, tens, and she's always had a natural affinity for adding, but now we find sheets of paper with math equations all over the a little John Nash, Jr. (the guy from A Beautiful Mind). The paper I found this morning said 10+10=20, 20+10=30, 8+8=16, 7+7=14...and so on. Sometimes there's a wrong one, but mostly they're right, which actually scares me a bit.

Enough bragging...I KNOW your kid is sorry to be an obnoxiously proud mama today.
On an unrelated matter, go check out Heather's little guy Zion on Heather's blog...OMG, he is SO adorable! Heather could use some prayer and well wishes as she's sick in China and without her husband...and it was her birthday yesterday! He's actually very smart, too. He was saying, "I love YOU!" on the phone the other day...just five days after hearing his first English word. It sounds like he's talking really well!

I'm hoping to update soon on our busy weekend. Until later...have a blessed day!

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