Monday, October 13, 2008

Please Pray for Claire

UPDATE: Clare's surgery went well. They found out that she may possibly need two more procedures to straighten her legs, but they are already much improved. Continue to keep her in your prayers as she heals and rehabs ove the months ahead.
Our friends, Richard and Angela covet your prayers today for their daughter, Clare.
Little Miss Claire will be having surgery on her knees and hips this morning.
Please pray for her, her parents, and the doctors. The hope and prayer is that this surgery will give Claire the ability to walk some day soon. Regardless of the outcome, we know God has amazing plans for this tough, but sweet little girl.

2 incredible comments!:

Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

Oh, our thoughts and prayers are with them! Tell Angela that the Gours from SC said hey! We emailed for a while before and after we went to get our Claire in May!

Sharon said...

I will pray, poor little thing. It is so hard to see them go through painfull surgery when they are so young. Hard on parents even more!

That is a great surprise shot below and love the fall harvest shots. You all have the best family things where you live!!